Go green & turn your waste into profit.

Green Access

Become your own recycler.

The only way to ensure maximum return for your waste paper is to cut out the middle man, bale your paper in-house and ship mill direct.

If you are currently having your loose paper picked up by a local recycler, you are losing revenue and valuable labor hours.


Verification of paper weight

We suggest weighing every bale, which makes it easy to verify that you are getting paid for every pound you ship.

Less material handling

With automated pick ups at your stitchers, folders, cutters, die cutters and other production stations, you will recognize significant increases in productivity. We can design a program tailored to fit your paper handling in order to maximize productivity.

Shipping mill direct

By eliminating all added handling expenses, you become the recycler rather than sharing your revenue with a recycler.


Incorrect Tonnage

There is no guarantee you are getting paid for the correct amount of tonnage. A slight reduction of weight over the course of a year can yield much lower returns.

Wasted Space

Multiple waste carts throughout the shop are cumbersome and take up needed space for workflow. In addition to space issues, handling loose paper requires an extra employee to shuffle paper and stops progress during the removal of waste from equipment.

Extra Cost

Removing the waste from your facility, trucking it back to a recycling center and then baling for shipment to the mill costs money. These added costs greatly reduce the potential return for your paper.

GreenAccess can yield significant revenues.

We’ll evaluate a shop, assess its material handling needs and install any needed recycling equipment (shredders, balers, compactors, etc.) at no up-front cost. Instead, we charge a low flat fee per pound to handle the scrap.

GreenAccess handles over a million tons of paper each year nationwide, allowing us to create competition between the mills, ensuring maximum value for your paper. GreenAccess also coordinates pick up and delivery of the recycled scrap between the printer and the mill. All fees and the cost of the recycling system are deducted from the increased waste revenue.

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